Pictures of past and present HTG created jewelry.


Hand Fabricated: 

For this process the jewelry is formed, start to finish, at the jewelers bench. Precious metals and various findings are soldered together. Diamonds and gemstones are set, and the piece is cleaned and polished.

Hand Carved Wax Models:

In this process, a design is agreed upon, and the goldsmith carves it from wax. When the wax model is complete, the customer comes in for a viewing. On approval, the wax is cast through a process called ‘lost wax casting’.  The cast metal is then cleaned and polished, stones are set and the entire piece is given a final polish.


At HTG Design Jewelers, we use the Matrix 7.5 Cad program software, one of the most advanced computer aided design programs available. In this process, instead of hand carving the wax, the wax model is first designed on the computer, and the the wax is carved by a milling machine. Before the wax is milled, the customer can see the design rendered on the computer as if it were an actual piece of finished jewelry. The computer image can be rotated 360° to see all surfaces. The rendered image can also be saved from numerous angles as jpegs and sent via email. Once the design is approved, the file is sent for milling. We receive the wax model soon after to be cast, cleaned, polished and stones set. Here are pictures of the computer rendering and the finished piece of jewelry:

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